Why Promotional Pens are Australia’s Best Kept Marketing Secret

image of promotional pens

Today's marketing world in Australia has evolved tremendously over the past few years. From different types of digital marketing tactics to promotional pens and giveaways, there are many techniques available now for businesses to grow and build clientele quickly. Promotional pens are not new but they are relatively less known in the world of marketing. However, these pens are now quickly getting attention even by big names in Australia's corporate sector. It has been found that pens have become one of Australia's best kept marketing secrets. This is probably because of the impact pens have on the overall marketing campaign run by a company or business. Let's find out what these pens are and how they can be used to promote a brand name. 

What are Promotional Pens?

Promotional pens are custom-designed pens with company logo or brand name printed on them. They are created primarily for the purpose of marketing and promoting a company's products or services. There are many types of pens available in this category ranging from gel and ballpoint pens to felt-tip and rollerball pens. You can choose any type of pen to fulfill your marketing requirements. Some of these pens use oil-based ink, while others use water-based ink. You can see other features to decide which type of pen would be best be suited to your marketing strategy. 

Another type of a customl pen that is not very well known is a talking pen. It is not only cute but also very effective when it comes to making an impression. Such a pen can convey a personalised message regarding your business or brand name. They come with a voice clip or audio recording, which is a very innovative thing in the world of marketing. 

How are Promotional Pens Used?

Pens have become very common giveaways in Australia. A customer may be handed a branded pen when they visit a company or buy their services. This way the business or brand name is effectively marketed. A promotional pen must be designed professionally so that it would have a lasting impression on the person who receives it. Companies also distribute their custom-designed promotional pens to their employees so that the company name would get attention. These pens are used by smart marketers to draw public's attention towards their services. Branded pens have become one of the top 5 promotional giveaways in Australia and all around the world. Some other popular items include mugs, technology-related giveaways, T-shirts, and keychains.  

photo of plastic pens being used


Pens are stationery items that are frequently used by people belonging to all age groups. They are required and used by students, employees, teachers, sales and marketing personnel, postmen and admin staff. If companies distribute their promotional pens among employees and customers, these items could become one of the most useful marketing tools. Among all other marketing products available in Australia today,  pens are undoubtedly becoming increasingly popular. Many new companies have recognised their worth and they are now using all sorts of pens to promote their brand name as well as products and services.