Why Join A Hat Luncheon Event

When you talk about New York, most people would immediately think of Central Park. Many individuals, including who are living in New York knows does not know how that their most popular and beloved park is already in bad state. Hence, making this a good candidate for the next Hat Luncheon, the Central Park Hat Luncheon.

Most people think that this event is only for the elites, and many are unaware that such event has a deeper purpose than just showing off your pretty outfits to people. The purpose of the event is to restore, maintain, preserve, and enhance the beauty of Central Park, so all the proceeds will go to the park.

This is not the first time that the event was held here. For many years, New Yorkers have been showing their sundresses and elegant hats and participating in a competition as their way to support their park, in order for it to thrive. As what they say, help something no matter how small or big it is to the best of your ability.

This glamorous and philanthropic event was made popular by the same location in 1983. For many, the event is unlike any other event, the reason why it has many supporters and attendees. If you have never attended one before or you are new in town, you might wanna consider going this prestigious event. Here is why.

You will be able to meet great people. This event is a great opportunity for meeting and mingling with fellow New Yorkers. This well attended affair attracts a lot of people who love, care, and support CP. Just spending a few of your hours here will make you feel happy, so you will surely not regret coming here.

You get to talk about hats here. Obviously, this event involves hats, so pick up the best hat you have. Many hat collectors are gathered in this event so that they can talk to other collectors. You can acquire information and tips which can help you as a collector. You are going to be surprised by the number of collectors present.

Have fun. This place brings you lots of fun. Authentic fashion can be seen everywhere, there are interesting people, and of course, delicious food, all in one place. There are also a lot of fun activities like the perusing of hats of others before sitting down to eat lunch. At the end of the day, one lucky individual will win the best hat and outfit award.

Enjoy the beauty of the place. This occasion is specifically held in conservatory garden, which makes the wearing of floral sundresses a must. Attending allows you to enjoy the conservatory garden, wherein different kinds of flowers, trees, and plants are found. During fall, expect to see different colors of falling leaves here.

Lastly, you support CP. Proceeds will not only be for maintenance, but this will also be use for educational programs that keeps community informed about nature. When you show up, make sure you are dress to impress and keep your head up to avoid missing a thing. Be amazed by the different hats you find there.