What Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring A Portable Toilet?

The new technology takes a leap every day beyond our expectation and it has become easier to take things for granted especially in the sanitation system.

When you are in an event, construction site or a trip etc, you need to fulfill fundamental requirements like toilet facilities. But we often overlook about sanitation facilities which turn out to be a big headache in future.


Look at the following points before hiring a portaloo:

The number of toilets:

Always hire portable toilets according to your needs. Estimate the number of people, who will be attending your event. Ask the portable toilet company for a quote, this will help you to set your budget.

Never lease fewer toilets than you entail, it could backfire when your guests get fed up standing in long queues.


You should always choose the service for the longer duration.

No one will like dirty and smelly toilets, make sure that it must be in a neat and clean manner for your guests.

Most of the companies offer portable toilet hire maintenance services, but in case your service provider doesn’t offer this. You have to look for elsewhere for the regular service.


One another crucial factor is price, which varies from products to services. The cheapest toilets are not always the best nor the high-priced toilets are perfect.

However, for genuine pricing, check the firm’s reputation and testimonials from previous clients and analyze their quotation.

The position of Toilets:

Where the portable toilets are going to be installed and Are it the right place to keep toilets, consider these questions in mind before setting down the toilets.

The campsites, beside main gate, tents, corner of the construction site etc are the perfect place to install your portaloo. Portaloo should never be installed far from the event location. Your guests must feel comfortable while using portaloo. Read this post to know how portaloo industry has gone wild in recent years for delivering good service.