Reasons To Stay In Irish Castles

Ireland is a beautiful place full of greenery situated in Northwest Europe. This amazing country is considered as the 20th largest island in the world. Except for that, it is famous all over the world for its incredible and luxurious castles.

These castles were actually made for protecting people from attackers because Ireland history is filled with wars and fury. Nevertheless, some of these castles still exist and tourists visit them.

Visit An Irish Castle

You must visit these unbelievable historical castles because exploring them is somewhat different from other places.

You can even rent a castle hotel in Ireland to stay in.  A stay in castle room will be quite interesting as compared to a hotel room. You can view the mesmerizing beauty of nature from your luxurious room window.

The History Of Irish Castles

Castles are the main attraction for tourists in Ireland. However, there is a long history associated with each Irish castle. The magnificent buildings tell a unique story including wars (be it civil or attack from neighborhood kingdoms) and special events.

But nowadays some of them have become an archeological spot while some of them are converted into luxurious hotels.

Here are some beautiful castles and their interesting facts that will make you fall in love with them:

Trim Castle

Trim castle is marked as the first stone castle built in Ireland. It was actually built in 1173, it was burned down and then rebuilt by De Lacy in 1175. An award-winning movie Braveheart was filmed in this castle.


Ashford Castle

This castle is a perfect combination of several eras, including its 13th century Norman castle and an 18th Century French chateau. This would be the best adventurous castle to stay in Ireland. Your adventure will start when you will enter through the grand stone gate of this 800 years old castle.

Dunluce Castle

This castle was built by the McQuillans. They had come from Scotland in the 1200’s as hired mercenaries. It was considered to have been the inspiration for C.S Lewis’s, Chronicles of Narnia.

Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Rock of Cashel is one of the most recognizable castles in Ireland, this beautiful structure lies at the edge of Cashel in Tipperary. According to a mythology story, a devil took a bite from a nearby mountain he left the piece of rock and the Rock of Cashel was built on the top of it.

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