How to Perform Drug Test Using Urine Samples

A urine drug test is conducted by following four steps such as collection, screening, confirmation, and review. The presence of different drugs is tested through urine samples. These drug testing procedures are simple and reliable. The urine drug testing method is simple and lab technicians are not needed here.

The kit used to carry urine drug testing is easy to store. Few drug testing kits have gloves and cups. These kits are easily handled. You can even test twelve different kind of drug through this method and there is some drawback related to same.

The urine sample cannot be contaminated. There are some people who find this process as invasive and embarrassing. Multi panel drug test cup is also used for drug testing purpose.

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What procedure for conducting a urine drug test?

There is a temperature strip attached with a collection container in order to ensure that the sample is protected from substitute of fraud. For verification purpose tamper evident is placed over specimen container.

The urine sample is screened for drug metabolites and drugs.  For positive results other test is conducted. Then nurse reviews the confirmed positives in order to rule out as contributors. You can even choose 5 panel drug test for the same.

Some urine samples are screened at the collection site. You can get the result within a few minutes. There are chances of negative results. After the presence of drugs is detected at initial screening again the test is carried out at a laboratory setting. The tests carried out are gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

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Gas chromatography involves the separation of various substances in urine via mass spectrometry. The results they give are either positive or negative. Have a peek at this site in order to know more about the urine drug test.

In the end, the test result is provided. This way urine drug test is performed.