Heated Tents: What All You Need To Know About Them

Heated tents allow us to spend the cold, long and dark nights of winter outdoors. You may use a four-season mountain tent or even a bivvy bag, but they can stand out only for a few nights out in zero degree temperature.

When you need to spend some chilly nights in outdoors, nothing can beat a heated tent. A heated tent, which you may find in any military surplus store, serves a lot of benefits.

Heated Tents

First and one the most important benefits of heated tent is you can get your clothing dry and free of moisture whenever you want. It also allows you to properly air out your sleeping bag on a regular basis. Moisture in sleeping bag or clothing will reduce their performance up to significant levels.

Heated tents also make sure that your body keeps warm. This saves a lot of calories, which would otherwise be wasted in keeping the body warm. An organized and properly sited heated tent will provide a comfortable space where you can cook, eat and relax.

Camping Tents

A tent stove doesn’t only help in keeping your body warm, you can use it to cook food, prepare hot drinks and melt snow to produce water.

A tent heated with the help of wood stove is much more efficient than an open fire outside. You will require less fuel, which means you have to gather less firewood. This saves a lot of your energy, time and efforts.

Army Tents

These tents are also used by the army, as they have to work in severe climatic conditions. Due to this, they are also referred as army tents in some places.   

So, now you know about the various advantages served by a heated tent. But you must be careful while using these tents. There is a fire in a metal box kept in your heated tent and as your tent is made up of flammable material, it can catch fire easily. So, taking proper precaution is essential.

If you do not have a heated tent right now, do not worry! You can click on this link to know some tips on how to keep your tent warm.