Benefits Of Using Portable Charger For Smartphone

Today smartphones are used for a lot of things for instance to watch video, music, games, emails, web browsing etc. however, even after comprising and supporting such extensive features the biggest setback of these devices are its battery life. The battery of smartphones drains out quite quickly because of so many applications running on the mobile phones.

This is why people are opting to buy a portable battery charger for their mobile phones so as to charge it anytime, anywhere and not to suffer from the battery drainage problem. There is no need for wall electricity sockets to charge the mobile so making it a handy device.

Basically, the portable power banks consist of a particular battery in a specific case with a special circuit to manage power flow. This lets you accumulate electrical energy which is stored in the portable charger device and then you can utilize it later to charge up your mobile device.

Usually, these portable external mobile charger has Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries which can be called as the universal rechargeable cell types found in power Banks. The Lithium-Ion cells are in general low-priced and restricted in mAh capacity, whereas Lithium-Polymer cells are of better quality and don’t undergo from a memory effect over time.

You can find portable battery chargers in different sizes in the marker and the mAh of the battery indicates the overall capacity of the batteries. And more mAh the power bank has, the better and bigger battery you can get.

You can get more info here regarding this topic by this post which states how much today’s generation is dependent on chargers due to battery drainage problem. In some of the smartphones due to the automatic download of updates, the battery gets quite affected.

Thus to save energy when charging from a power bank, it is suggested to keep mobile in Flight Mode. This will allow you to only charge the battery cell, only using the basic features on the operating system on your phone.