An Overview of Drupal Development

Nowadays, if the business is confined to only national levels, it will not generate revenues as desired. One must take the business beyond geographical limits to achieve the goals of the business.

This is made possible via the internet. Develop a website for your business and you are good to go. Looking at the level of stiff competition, a website besides being attractive must be competitive too.

There are different web development tools available in the market. But Drupal is creating a stir in the market these days.

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It is an open source CMS, coded in PHP and is spread under the General Public License (GNU). Drupal is powering around 2.1% of the websites in the world for a back-end system which ranges from personal to corporate and political to government.

Basic advantages that Drupal development services offer are:-

  • Menu management
  • User account maintenance
  • RSS feeds
  • System administration
  • Page layout customization

It is its modular design and plug-in extensibility which differentiates it from other content management systems and thereby making it not only a CMS but a content management framework. Due to this feature of Drupal, an administrator can easily modify the content of his website and make his website even more feature-rich.

Entrepreneurs select Drupal because it has as many as 20,000 modules to choose from. What one has to do is select a module from Drupal's official library and add that particular module to a website as per the need. One can Hire Drupal developers if a customized module is to be designed.